DCS Hornet – Altitude indicators and warnings

HUD altitude

In pic below, HUD is showing barometric altitude in right box. In this pic altitude  is 2 730 ft barometric:

HUD can also show radar altitude. When radar altitude is shown, letter R is added right of altitude box:

Barometric altitude can be changed to radar altitude from UFC switch:

If radar altitude cannot be shown (e.g. aircraft upside down), letter B starts blinking next to HUD’s altitude box and barometric altitude is shown. Radar altitude is also shown only to about ~5000 ft and then is changed to show barometric altitude.

Note that you have to also set a warning altitude from radar altitude warning knob. Othervice in ALT RDR selected, radar altitude is not functional and B will flash on HUD.

Standby altimeter

Standby altimeter is in cockpit above pilots right knee:

It has a box for thousands of feet and (almost 3000 feet in pic) and pointer for hundreds (~720 feet). So altitude in this pic is ~2720 feet. Standby altimeter shows only barometric altitude.

Knob in lower left corner of altimeter can be used to change barometric pressure setting. Setting is shown in lower area of gauge (~2990 inHg). To change it, you may you mouse middle button roll or click and hold left mouse button and drag it up/down.

While changing pressure setting from standby altimeter, a pressure is also shown below altitude box in HUD for few seconds:

Altitude warnings

Three altitude warning can be adjusted for Hornet. Radar altitude warning sound from radar altimeter gauge and spoken “altitude, altitude” warning through DDI from HSI’s Data page.

Radar altitude gauge:

Radar altitude gauge has needle for showing altitude (2500 ft in pic). Red arrow in pic is pointing to white triangle that shows witch warning altitude is set (500 ft in pic). Knob on right lower corner can be used to set warning altitude by rotating and test warning with a push.¬† In middle of gauge an “OFF” text will show up if radar altitude is not on.

HSI… DATA… A/C page radar warnigns

From HSI and DATA page a altitude warnings can be seen in lower left area of DDI (text WARN ALT in pic). These setting set altitudes for spoken warning sounds (5000 for barometric and 0 for radar). To set altitudes press DDI Option Select Buttons and look UFC:

From UFC, you can click wanted warning altitude with number buttons and press enter to set it.