DCS Hornet – Litening and GBU bombs

Simple/fast guide for bombing static targets with Litening targeting pod and laser guided bombs…

Fill up tanks and arm your plane with some GBU’s (in this guide I use GBU-12 witch is same as 82LG):

Set FLIR to ON. Wait it to warm up:

    • STBY: Pod is on stand-by mode. It is on (and warming up) but image is not visible. Pod’s turning head is moved into a safe position.
    • ON: Pod is on. If DDI FLIR page show text “NOT TIMED OUT” pod is “warming up”.

Set your master arm switch to ARM and select A/G mode:

DDI to FLIR page: Press menu button until you see a FLIR text in upper left corner and click it:

DDI in FLIR page. If pod is still warming up, you can see RDY text in upper left corner and NOT TIMED OUT text in screen:

FLIR ready. See OPR text in upper left corner:

Buttons explained:
WIDE / NAR: Changes zoom from wide to to narrow.
ZOOM: changes zoom level from Z0 to Z9.
CCD / FLIR: Changes between visible camera and infrared camera.
UFC: opens UFC menu
VVSLV: Velocity Vector SLaVe button

Note! Set your MFCD to SA page and activate map (top left corner button). Pod targeting location is shown as a square with a dot in it. That way you will see in a map display where your pod is looking:

Activate pod by clicking VVSVL two times (second time clicking takes you back to normal mode). Now you should see camera view that is pointing forward and camera view is moving with your plane:

Click sensor selector switch to right to control that DDI. Then you can slew your pod view around with a TDC. DDI is selected when there is a diamond with a dot on top right corner of DDI:

Change image source FLIR/CCD witch ever is better for you visually to find targets.

If your target has a waypoint added or is near a waypoint, you can use SA pages WPDSG (WayPoint DeSiGnate button) to move pod automatically looking at that location.

Move cursor over target. Note that cursor e.g. over roof of target, seeing from far away, may be actually behind target when your planes location changes. So point cursor to e.g. to wheels or ground below target.

Click TDC to designate target. Your cursor changes into a diamond:

Note: IF you click Sensor Selector hat towards FLIR DDI, it changes FLIR mode to Area Track mode and locks that location (cursor cannot be moved with TDC). If you do it again, it changes to Point Track mode. I don’t use area track. It is easier to move cursor in snowblow mode (diamond). And do not use Point Track unless you especially need to use it for moving targets. You can get away from Area Track and Point TrackĀ  with Sensor Selector switch click towards FLIR DDI.

Set LTD/R switch to ARM:

Click UFC button on DDI to show LTDC (Laser Target Designator Code?) option:

Click LTDC and click code into UFC and then press ENT:

Now go to STORES page with left DDI and set up GPU (LG82 in pic below) to use our new laser code:

  • On left DDI stores page:
    • Select 82LG
    • Select MODE -> AUTO
    • EFUZ -> NOSECclick CODE.
  • From UFC:
    • Click CODE
    • And write same code that was written on FLIR page
    • Press ENT


Turn your plane into target and line up for a bomb run. Target can be seen on HUD as a square standing on its corner (flashing if outside of HUD view). Distance to target can be seen in front of TGT text. Time to release is in front of REL text:

Fly towards a target and when release line appears and comes running down on HUD, press and hold pickle button on joystick:

Bomb is released automatically after 0 seconds and HUD starts counting time to auto lasering and then counts “TTI” Time To Target.

Watch for center of pod location from DDI FLIR page and correct it with TDC if necessary.

Ensure hit via FLIR page:

For a new bomb run, set LTD/R switch back to ON (it goes automatically off) and add a new laser code for FLIR and set up a new GPU from STORES page.