DCS Hornet – Stored INS align

DCS Hornet GND align takes about 8 minutes. Stored INS align is faster than normal align.

To make Hornet INS use stored INS align:

  1. Start until right engine runs.
  2. Turn on and see MPCD. INS align is not started (INS knob in OFF position):
  3. Turn INS knob to GND:
  4. From MPCD see that INS align process (that 8 minute version) is started when computer shows quality and is counting time. Stop this and start stored heading align by pressing STD HDG:
  5. STD HDG stays boxed and align process is started again:
    Note! Do not release parking brakes during align!
  6. Wait until time passes and QUAL says OK. Align took about 1:30:
  7. Turn INS knob to IFA position: