DCS Hornet: Alternative keybindings to DCS with OvGME

When trying to get Warthog HOTAS throttle¬† EAC switch (or any other manufacturers controllers switch) to work as an landing gear handle ¬†on a Hornet, it only works every time when switch is turned into up “ARM” position:

To get on/off switches working normally (turn switch ARM -> gears in, turn switch OFF -> gears down) on a DCS, you can use Alternative keybindings mod for DCS. To add this mod into DCS, a software called OvGME is used. OvGME can make selected mods to work in DCS.

Download Alternative keybindings mod from:

Create folder to you computer where you want to save Alternative keybindings mod. Here a C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\DCS\Mods is used. Save “Tools – Alternative keybindings vX.XX” to Mods folder.

Download OvGME from:
and install it. When running OvGME first time select correct folders.

After clicking “Go!” you should see “Alternative keybindings” mod on a list. Enable it by selecting it and clicking “Enable selected” or by double clicking it.

Leave OvGME running and start DCS and go to Control settings. Now you should see alternative controls in control list. Then just map Warthogs EAC switch to Landing Gear Control Handle as seen in pic below (JOY_BTN24)

And now it is working as it shoud be: