Digital Combat Simulator

DCS Hornet: custom kneeboard pages and checklists
DCS Hornet: Altitude indicators and warnings
DCS Hornet: Stored INS align
DCS Hornet: Litening and GBU bombs
DCS Hornet: Ground power start

Using second monitor with DCS:
OvGME and DCS Hornet view settings
DCS Hornet DDIs and MFCDs to external monitor
DCS Hornet IFEI and UFC to external monitor
DCS kneeboard position in multimonitor setup
DCS Hornet: DDIs, IFEI and RWR to second monitor with Helios

Updating DCS:
Update DCS to openbeta version
DCS force update

Settings for SimpleRadio Standalone with Hornet
SRS Transponder – Squawk code

For DCS Finland:
DCS Hornet and alternative keybindings.
DCS Finnish Air Force Hornet liveries and board number
In Finnish: Linkki ja videolistaus DCS Hornetin perusteiden opetteluun